The App and Pop-up offers you a Management Tool

The app and pop-up gives you a management tool supplying the opportunity for the necessary dialogue based on facts.

  • It´s simple and efficient.
  • You can form a general view of the work environment just by one single click.
  • It´s a simple and easy way to establish the dialogue and make sure, that well-being, efficiency and results are all taken into consideration.
  • It’s customizable

The app or pop-up surveys make it easy to get the information you need

I’is a simple and easy way to establish the dialogue and act on facts.

The pop-up is a scientifically based work-life balance Tool.

It´s based on research gathered within the last 20 years on topics such as performance, flow, work satisfaction and stress.

Of central importance is the work of psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, known for his research on flow, and psychologist Martin Seligman, creator of Positive Psychology.

They both center their work and research around human functionality and thriving, and the remarkable results and insights of both have significantly contributed to the current psychological trend.

Furthermore, we have attached importance to transparency and safety in the process. This is all about credibility and dialogue – not about surveillance and the tool is developed in a way that favours both professionalism and usability.

The pop-up is developed and tested in cooperation with psychologists and experts within the field of stress and work-psychology.

Well-being & Flow is run by Partner HR (2006) owned by M.A Helle Søndergaard. Partner HR is a network organization working with organizations and highly skilled experts, programmers, consultants and researchers. Partner HR participates in the EU Health programme

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