Distance management

Practical steps to distance work

I assist in establishing the practical agreements – e.g.:

  • How many documents need an employee handle from home?
  • How many sales?
  • How many contracts should they conclude?
  • How many clients should the employee manage to contact in a day – or a week?

Being clear takes the conflict out of distance work – and the financial insecurity. Working out agreements, demand more dialogue than we’re used to today. Accuracy is crucial. How long does an assignment actually take to do?

It’s important to be realistic when setting goals. They can be adjusted later.

Also be clear on when to follow up from the beginning.


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    Work-life balance

    The competent manager of the future is a good coach with psychological insight, good people skills and he/she is a great communicator.

    If we don’t start focusing on those exact qualities where management is concerned, we won’t be able to create the work-life balance necessary for the employees – and as a consequence the company will suffer.



    Partner HR joins the company in teamwork with the object to create overall solutions within jobs, education/training and projects.

    It’s about efficiency and commitment on one hand, and about flexibility and the capacity to change on the other. All in all – the proper solutions allow your company to focus on the company vision, and supply the tools to get there.


    Part of the journey consist of replacing any negative focus on control, necessitating rigid work schedules, with a more positive objective oriented work process. Partner HR help establish the objectives and the check points to increase efficiency as well as improving employee commitment.


    I assure that:

    • You get a company culture where you walk your talk – and vice versa.
    • You get clear models of priority
    • You get clear work objectives

    We create a framework for work-life balance based on interviews with management and employees, or through project days or coaching.