A one click checkup on your work environment

Well being and Flow

With one single click … It´s simple and efficient.

The app and pop up

The app and pop up

 A one click checkup on your work environment Well-being and flow What is stress and what is well-being? – and what is busyness? The app and pop-up gives you a management tool supplying the opportunity for the necessary dialogue based on facts. A tool for reflection for company and employee. The app and pop-up is a simple and user friendly dialogue-tool, creating a comprehensive view of busyness/stress within the company. It´s simple and efficient. You can form a general view of the work environment just by one single click. It´s a simple and easy way to establish the dialogue and make sure, that well-being, efficiency and results are all taken into consideration. The advantage is that strain and stress become visible making it possible quickly to create the necessary changes in the work situation.   The daily records of the individual employee and his/her following reflection provides the management with the kind of knowledge that makes it possible to target the HR effort. This could apply to the following areas:...

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